Monday, July 7, 2014

Rain, Life, and Death in La Montaña

The rains continue, and the peasant families in the mountains are busy planting corn and beans, hoping that their harvests will allow them to eat until the next year’s harvest.

The mountain scenery is especially beautiful at this time of year; there are so many amazing tones of green and blue.

The roads seem to get a little worse each week, as the heavy rains make things muddier on the dirt roads and bumpier on the rocky roads. The “trick” with the mud roads is to try to not “fall into” the deep ruts that often exist.

And driving in the rainy season often means poor visibility, especially in the early morning and late afternoon, as the mist and fog settle in.

Most of this past week—day and night—I spent at the “Hospital for the Mother and Child” that exists in Tlapa. I was accompanying a young couple, Luz and Miguel, from Olinala; they are very active in their parish youth group, and they were expecting their first child.
Hospital for the Mother and Child, in Tlapa
Luz and Miguel
It was a long week, as we waited anxiously outside the hospital on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Miguel (the father) was becoming more and more concerned as the days went by.
Finally, their son, Jesus, was born on Thursday night, but he lived for only a few minutes. Two friends, Olinka and Pedro, were allowed into the hospital room, where Pedro (a seminarian here in Tlapa) baptized the child and Olinka was the godmother.
Olinka and Pedro
On Friday I drove the baby and his grandmother, Eudocia, to Olinala, where a short wake for Jesus was held in the family home before Mass in the local church and burial in the local cemetery.
Jesus being waked in Olinala
On Saturday Luz was allowed to leave the hospital, and I drove her and Miguel to their home in Olinala. Luz insisted on giving me a handcrafted gift that is typical of Olinala and that she had painted. It now occupies a place of pride in my room.
Luz's gift for me
Thanks to those who support Mission Mexico for helping to cover some of the costs involved with this medical stay. Someday I hope that I will be able to tell you that Luz and Miguel have a new addition to their family. God bless.

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